Top producing Real Estate professionals, collectively inspiring and enhancing the Pikes Peak Region by giving back to the community.

Origin of the Peak Producers

In 2009 Empire Title of Colorado Springs brought a group of top producing real estate agents together in an effort to benefit the industry and community. Round table discussions were held with real estate agents and employing brokers to get a vision of what the group would become. After several round table discussions, “Peak Producers” was formed.
The Peak Producers is made up of the top ten percent of all real estate agents in the Pikes Peak Region. Our group wanted to promote professionalism within the industry, but more importantly, to support and give back to the community as well as endorse local charities. Factors which influenced these decisions included helping the homeless, cleaning up the tent cities, and filling short-falls where local government couldn’t.
The charity chosen in our inaugural year of 2010 was “Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful”, which is tied to the Marian House and other organizations that help the homeless. Keep Colorado Beautiful was responsible for the cleaning and relocation of tent cities throughout Colorado Springs, in addition to cleaning up intersections, parks, and roads. More than simply donating funds, the members of the Peak Producers contributed countless hours of their time and energy to improve the community, including hands-on volunteerism in physically cleaning roadway medians and shoulders.
In 2011, Peak Producers contributed its support to Catholic Charities and the Marian House by personally sponsoring two local families. We experienced great success helping these families – one a single mother of two daughters, the other a couple with nine children – so we proudly lent our energy and enthusiasm to Marian House and Catholic Charities over the next three years. Last year, the membership devoted its efforts to assisting the non-profit organization Partners In Housing, and we excitedly continue that commitment in 2016 while also pledging our support behind the Springs Rescue Mission. We are proud about the help we’ve been able to provide since our inception and thrilled for the possibilities of what we can do collectively moving forward to aid our community.
If you would be interested in also supporting the efforts of Peak Producers’ real estate agents or have additional questions about our group, please contact coordinator Peggy Carmack at (719) 210-7547 or email her at [email protected].

Bill McAfee

President, Empire Title of Colorado Springs, LLC
Treasurer, Peak Producers


Cherise Selley


Nancy Wile

Vice President

Jerry Clark


Peggy Carmack


Mike Rosenhahn


Bill McAfee


Holly Quinn


Mike MacGuire

Past President